10 things to do for prairies


1. Create a Prairie Garden

Use native plants to bring a little bit of prairie splendor to your home. Learn how to design a prairie garden here.

2. Visit a Prairie for Pleasure

There are dozens of wonderful prairies you can visit!

find a prairie near you

3. Volunteer as a Prairie Steward

Some organizations use volunteers to conduct prairie restoration or collect seeds.

4. Lead a Prairie Activity

Lead a Prairie Activity with a school or scout group, such as holding a play about prairies [contact info@prairies.org for suggestions] 

5. Community Arts

Encourage Community Arts that celebrate prairies - like creating a Prairie Palette or holding a Moving for Monarchs dance activity

6. Play the "Build A Prairie" Game

In this educational online game, you can choose native insects, mammals, reptiles, birds and plants to "build" a prairie of your choice.

Go to Game

7. Participate in a Citizen Science activity at a prairie

Some prairie organizations host BioBlitz efforts

8. Join a Prairie Organization

There are several groups that specialize in prairie information and restoration. Some examples: 

Missouri Prairie Foundation https://www.moprairie.org/ 

Native Prairies Association of Texas http://texasprairie.org/ 

Ohio Prairie Association http://www.ohioprairie.org/ 

The Prairie Enthusiasts (Wisconsin): http://www.theprairieenthusiasts.org/

9. Learn about Prairie Chickens

Learn about prairie chickens and experience Booming Prairie Chickens in the late winter/early spring.

10. Buy a Prairies Forever T-Shirt

Prairies Forever is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by volunteer efforts. We welcome your support and encourage you to make a donation, which may be considered as an eligible charitable tax deduction. We appreciate your support. Click here to learn more and see our Limited Edition t-shirts. All support is appreciated!